Maple Grove - Debut Album

The Beauty in Staying up Late

Verse 1:

I'm swayin' back and forth, got my hands on my face

The day just knocked me up to send me down

But my feet will take the blow, they never seem to know

How to let my tired old body hit the ground

And it's the middle of the night

And it's come time to ask myself


Are you hungry? Are you bored?

Can the swayin' be ignored?

It's so early yet you're wide awake

There's a beauty in staying up late

Verse 2:

I'm still swayin' all the light hurts my head

Determined to evade my bed

Does no good to act this way, still I'm at it everyday

It's a habbit that someday I'll have to shed

And it's the middle of the night

How's it still time to ask myself

Chorus x2

['woah' break]



[nasty solo]

There's a beauty in staying up late.



The sun is beating down on me

I could really use a little water

Hide beneath the canopy

And wait for my turn


And if I see you there

You know I'll run away

And if you're waiting for me

I guess I'll come back another day


Every time I make a move

I see you staring back at me

Don't you got somethin' else to do

Won't ya let me be?


Don Ross solo

Verse 3:

The sun is beating down again

Why can't we be friends?

Hide beneath the canopy

This game will never end



Verse 1:

I got a feeling and I can't let go

Stuck believing that I'm always in control

Just a bullet in a loaded gun

The clock's ticking 'til the day we hit the sunday

Still dreaming and I'm wide awake

Still pretending, always fake

I'm leaving this city it's just not for me

Can't give in to insanity


Let yourself break down and crumble, stumble and fall

From the ashes you will rise

And when you're lost and broken-hearted, just you wait

Everything with always work itself out

Verse 2:

I know you've heard it all before

You turn your back and all I want is more

I'm going crazy won't you cut me loose

Your little words sound nice but there's no use

The world's rotten and I can't conceive 

Of a reason to live my life so please let me be

Ya think I can't see?

Won't give in so easily


Bridge: Ah


Whistlin' Blue

Verse 1:

Whistlin' Blue, I saw you on the way to the marketplace

With a look about you I can't quite place

Wistlin' Blue, where ya goin' with that hair blowin' in the wind

Will you be walkin' my way anytime soon


As you walk on by I know it's true

That all I need is you, Whistlin' Blue

Hey now Whistlin' Blue

Verse 2:

Whistlin' Blue, I know I've seen you before

I just don't know where or when (where or when)

Whistlin' Blue, I don't care if we've been here before,

I wanna be here now

Chorus x2

Heaven's Calling

Verse 1:

She closes her eyes, paints an open canvas in her mind

Still she tries to find the answers she won't ever find

Unwind the web instead of waiting for the bell to ring

The songs may come and go but the songbirds always sing


Take this chance and leave your troubles to the wind

The past will always have a presence where ya live,

Won't you forgive?


Oh, heaven's calling, what are you waiting for

Oh, when death came knocking, left you wanting more

Tried to get away, but every time you look around 

Reminded of the day your walls came tumbling to the ground

Wishing you could stay, thinking that you're missing what you need

Verse 2:

She can't unwind, trapped inside her thoughts she pours her wine

And drinks it down, the floodgates open and she's only hoping

That when the bottle's gone it wont be long before she can let go

Of all her memories and her worry



to do is listen to your heart

You know it's taring you apart!

Massive solo


Waiting for a Miracle

Verse 1:

Look around

Pale blue sky

Setting sun

Crimson horizon

Listen close

The ocean roars

It's waiting for

You to answer


Something outta nothin' gonna make things right 

I'm waiting for a miracle

Something outta nothin' gonna

Getcha through the night

Verse 2:

Feel the earth

It's holding you

And screamin' out

“You're gonna make it”

Yes you will!

Taste the air

Sweet and pure

Nothin' else 

Could ever compare


Yes it will

Oh, yes it will!

Verse 3:

Breath it in

It's all for you

One might say

There's somethin' out there

Chorus x2

Apples to Apples

Verse 1:

When I was 7 years old my daddy left for the war

With a smile on his lips, gave my mother a kiss as he stood with his back to the door

I said, “Daddy, why don't you stay?”; “Son, it just don't work that way”

Didn't want him to be cold so I gave him my blanket to hold




Verse 2:

Weekdays I'd work at the farm picking apples to sell to the town

I'd always sell out, there's something about a kid with words like a man

My mother knew how to sew, fixing jeans, sweaters, and shoes

Her stitching was known from that town to the next and it always was pulling us through


My mother always loved apples, I always brought her a few

She said, “Nothing goes better with coffee, except maybe loved ones like you.”

I never did see her cryin', so I tried not to let her see mine

When a father and husband goes dyin', there's strength in what he leaves behind

Chorus x2

Verse 3:

Been years since mother's been gone to fix my old man's shirt n' tie

They taught me together at seven years old it's never truly goodbye

I packed up and moved to the city where the apples all taste like soap

Bought a girl flowers and got me a job, I

'm doin' as well as you'd hope

But I sit on a hill in an old maple grove to hear your voice in my head

From from the noise of the girls and the boys in the city that lies up ahead,

I still sit on a hill in an old maple grove to hear your voice in my head

Far from the noise of the girls and the boys in the city that lies up ahead

à capella

Chorus x2

Let you Down

Verse 1:

Tricklin' down,

So try to catch it if you can before there's 

Nothin' left

It'll come back around

That's what we'll always tell them

But it never will


We know the world is burnin'

As long as my wheels keep on turnin'

I'll always let you down x2

[noice organ solo]

Verse 2:

And you may not like it

But there isn't much that you can do

So go ahead just move along

Close your eyes

And pretend that everything's alright

Before you lose your mind


[tasty solo]

more [tasty solos]

Chorus x2

Single Releases

Foot In the Sand

Verse 1:

Whisper away the time of the day 

Without reserve for the past

Free at last

With only a name to remember

Who he was what he did and the resons he lived 

For the gold that haunted his path

Escape the wrath

Of choices he could not forgive


So it's wonder,

He's after in the now

Going under,

Something to forget about

Verse 2:

Hold the shape of a V and w're flying with ease

Down is no way to look

Hooked on a thought

That better is waiting ahead

Blink and you're there and you're trying to care

Used to living without

Feel the doubt

But feel it as time gone by


It's a foot in the sand that tells a man he's come from far away

You can feel it

With every step you take


Tasty Solo


So here you are

Right now x2

Right Now 

It's here you are